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San Francisco Escort History - Hundreds of thousands of people flocked to the job opportunities in the Bay Area, and many of them stayed on permanently.  San Francisco was also the birthplace of the United Nations, which signed its charter in 1945.

There was, tragically, a much darker side to the influence of the war in San Francisco. Anti-Japanese sentiment began to build when Pearl Harbour was bombed in 1941.

That fear-driven sentiment reached its zenith when President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 in 1947, which sent all people with Japanese ancestry into internment camps, or  "relocation centers", in the interior of the state.  After the US gained command of the Pacific waters and danger of a Japanese invasion had passed, the relocated Japanese were allowed back into society, at which point tightly knit communities that centered in Japantown were established.

Thousands of Nisei  (second-generation Japanese)  were accepted into the US armed forces, and many of their units were later honored for bravery.

In 1988, the government apologized for the internments and offered some monetary reparations to the 60,000 surviving Japanese-Americans who had been relocated.

In the 1950's, while June Cleaver vacuumed in pearls and the government heralded the reign of nuclear supremacy, San Francisco's North Beach became home to a group of bearded, beret-wearing iconoclasts.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Peter Martin opened the City Lights Book Store in 1953, a cultural center for the Beat Generation.  Proclaiming themselves  "angelheaded hipsters", Beatniks packed City Lights to hear Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and others read the poems and prose that had the Ward and June Cleavers so nervous.

They were both world-weary and awe-inspiring, awestruck and jaded, and seemed to threaten everything deemed decent by the norms of 1950's American civilization.

Across the bay, after returning to college from a summer of civil rights protesting in the South, student activists clashed with the University of California. Berkeley administration officials over their right to use facilities for their campaigns.

The unrest became known as the Free Speech Movement - only the beginning of activism at a university dubbed the  "People's Republic of Berkeley"  by Pat Buchanan.  The resulting confrontation marked the beginning of a new wave of student protests as civil rights took a back seat to the antiwar movement.  e drama erupted in December 1964 when over 800 students were arrested for occupying the UC Administration Building, at that time the largest mass arrest of students in US history.

The hippies of San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury neighborhood declared a  "Summer of Love"  during which young people voiced their disgust with the Establishment by  (in Timothy Leary's words)  "turning on, tuning in, and dropping out".

Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and Jefferson Airplane  (among others)  experimented with their guitars and their LSD in an open environment in which sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll blended into blissful psychedelic euphoria.

In the midst of mounting antiwar protests, the black empowerment coalition known as the Black Panthers, based in Oakland, terrorized white residents in the Bay Area.

In 1974, the Symbionese Liberation Army, the most prominent of the new revolutionary groups, kidnapped newspaper heiress Patty Hearst and converted her to their cause.

In the late 1970's the People's Temple of  San Francisco gained international focus when its leader, Jim Jones, poisoned and killed some 900 members in a mass-suicide service at his religious retreat in Guyana.

The 1970's also witnessed the emergence of the modern Gay Liberation Movement, which put San Francisco at the forefront of yet another cutting-edge social movement. 

The country's first openly gay elected official, San Francisco supervisor Harvey Milk, was elected on his third bid for the position in 1977.  A year later, he and mayor George Moscone were assassinated by former police officer Dan White, who pled temporary insanity caused by eating too much junk food along with some  "moral outrage" - a plea that became known as the infamous Twinkle Defense.

White was punished with a very light prison sentence for voluntary manslaughter, prompting the  "White Night Riot".  Despite his brief time in office, Milk changed the face of the nation's politics, and left a lasting mark for tolerance on San Francisco with his Human Rights Ordinance which prohibited anti-gay discrimination by companies doing business with the city.

In 1990, the City of  San Francisco passed a domestic partnership bill, and in 1996 it passed a regulation requiring all companies and businesses doing business in the city to provide domestic partner benefits.

The San Francisco queer community has also had to rally around more tragic happenings.  To date, almost 20,000 residents  (both straight and gay)  have died from the AIDS epidemic, with tens of thousands more HIV positive.

But the city and community have come together in response to the crisis by providing extensive hospice and support services when necessary, and by spearheading national awareness campaigns such as the AIDS Quilt and the Stop AIDS Project.

With so many social movements dominating the attention of liberal San Franciscans, it is easy to forget that natural catastrophes can be just as damaging as any conservative legislation.

The Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989 hit 7.1 on the Richter scale, levelling much of the Bay Area and disrupting World Series baseball action between local rivals the Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants.  Only two years later, a massive fire in Oakland burned over 2000 homes.

In 2001, California was struck by an energy crisis, caused by the government's failed attempt to deregulate the electricity market.  As caps on prices were lifted, consumers saw their bills as much as double and triple.

The state's electricity did not meet consumer demand, and energy reserves dipped to extremely low levels;  rolling blackouts were implemented to keep energy from running out completely.

In January, the state began purchasing electricity on behalf of financially depleted utilities, and governor Gray Davis  (now infamously recalled)  suggested to President George W. Bush that the whole nation may experience the same crisis that California did if price caps continue to be lifted.

In a salute to the conservation cause, NBC and Jay Leno decided to tape the June 12th episode of the Tonight Show virtually in the dark, without studio lights, amplifiers, or other power-eaters.NBC stated that the power used to tape one episode of The Tonight Show is equal to the amount of power the average family home uses in a month.  Lighted or not, the party continues in the City by the Bay.