As I travel extensively i do recommend, if we have never met before, to book severals days in advance our Rendez-Vous . Same day app may be available however sometime screening may take time.
-If you choose to do a phone call instead of emailing i will ask you to not call constantly without leaving a voicemail
-When we have agreed on day/time/length i will conclude in our email that i will send you a reminder closer to the date with further instructions.
-Few days before our Rendez-vous i will email you with the time frame you need to call me the morning of the app to received the specific location...As i work on a 2 calls systems you will need to call me once again at the time of the app from the specific location to received the room number or apartment number.
It is primordial that you let me know in advance if you can't attend to our date ..a minimum of 48hrs to 24hrs notice is require to stay in good standing. Few last minute cancelations or no show may result me not want to meet you in the future and a negative provider reference. If you have schedule app didn't call me to cancel or notify me of been late I usually wait 20min  and move on
If you are delayed to our date please notify me. I allow 15min tardiness to provide you a full hour. Anything more than 15min will reflect on your app time.
Make sure that you arrive on time and call at the time of the app or 2 or 3min earlier. Do not call earlier than the time  we have agreed or neither arrived earlier and expect me to receive you earlier.
-When you arrive and knock...please do not call my name louder or expect rapprochement outside my room or apartment I am discreet and wish to remain this way.
- Have my fee already counted and place it in plain sight. Please don't make me

ask for it, as it can be awkward.

-I expect you to be freshly showered and grown ..if you just arrived from work please request to use my facilities(i have towels,washcloths,bar soap,gel soap,mouthwash).

-Then relax and let the time roll :)

-During our time together i wish to be treat with respect and courtesy and will do the same

-Respect the time allow together. if you wish to extend,please notify me early in the session. While i am not a clock watcher i do wish that you don't overstay your welcome purposely.

Here is an article for someone that would be new to this venture.While the article refer to USA and few hings might differ here in canada it is very interesting and highly suggested to read!

Victoria Jolie