Policies and requirements
Verifications (USA)
It is mandatory to provide the information requested for my own safety.
So, please make sure to include all the information I require in the request form. The only exceptions are those whom are a part of a member verification service. (Additional information may be requested if I deem it necessary). You will need to provide proof of employment & a reference of a well-established lady that you have met within the last 6 months (contact info/websites). References from agencies WILL NOT be accepted with the exception of French-connection & Roomservicegirls.

Verification service members will be required to provide only their full name and contact number (all other information will be provided to the verification service).  
Please be informed that I will require a piece of identification upon our “rendezvous” with no exceptions.
If you don’t have them with you I will end our “rendezvous"...
*I don’t take references from agencies that I was previously associated with.
*If our last encounter has been more than 2 years old you may be subjected to the re-screen process.

For other countries different verifications may apply please email me
Rendez-vous policies:
I require a minimum of 24 hrs notice for a request for a rendez-vous during my tour, except those who have been previously seen, screened or part of a verification service.
I prefer initial contact through email or my form. Exceptions are made for people that have already gone through the verification process or screening.

I’m available to travel worldwide with you or in the purpose of meeting you. 2 weeks to a month’s notice is recommended to assure my availability and to make the necessary arrangements.
Traveling expenses will be in addition to my honorarium.
I make my own arrangements.
A minimum of 4 to 6 hours apply to any Domestic Rendez-Vous and I will require a deposit of 50%.
Any international Rendez-Vous will require a minimum of 8 to 12 hrs & a deposit of 50%.

Any deposit can be done by either Greendot, blank international Money Order or credit card.

I do require a minimum of 48 hrs notice for any cancellations of any rendez-vous, in order to stay in good standing with me and give me enough time to reschedule with another rendez-vous. Please be aware that if I don’t receive any notice, I will be reluctant to re-schedule with you for an advanced date. You may also lose the privilege of my grandfathered fees.
For any travels arrangements, I will be glad to apply the deposit for future visits. If the cancellation caused me any expense, it will be deducted from the deposit.

If I have to cancel or re-schedule our Rendez-vous
If you still have the desire to meet, to show you my gratitude for your understanding, I will provide you with a discounted rate for our next meeting.
Thank you for taking the time to read my policies. I value your time and I hope you also value mine.