Renata is a native Chicagoan, born to parents of mixed ethnicities. She’s very much a “mutt”! She often finds herself blending in effortlessly with many different cultures because her look is so exotic and versatile. She is thankful for this advantage! She also love exploring the many cultures of the world.

Renata constantly seeks new experiences because she’s a restless soul who craves adventure and the opportunity to create lasting memories.

She considers herself a very spiritual person (not to be confused with religious). Renata is fascinated by interesting people. She gravitates towards those who are slightly eccentric, off-beat, kind-hearted and free spirited. A wacky sense of humor and good sense of style gets her every time.

She’s street savvy with a strong 6th sense. She loves to be creative and approaches everything from a creative standpoint. Renata is also full of useless information that might come in handy one day.

She aims to please and relish in meeting and exceeding expectations. It’s always her goal to do so. You’ll find that she is quite easy to talk and very down-to earth

1000/h for duo
1400/1.5h for duo

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