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04-19-2007, 08:26 PM
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Review Review: Victoria Jolie
I have seen Victoria 4-5 times in the past but not since she went indy about 3 weeks ago. She emailed me saying she’s now indy & would be in the Meadowlands last week. Was curious if anything changed so I arranged to meet her. So much has already been said about her performance there is very little to add. I am happy to say if anything her performance is even better as an indy. As she said, “I can set my own pace and won’t make appointments one on top of the other like BDJ did”.In fact our session probably ran 30 minutes past the hour. She still isn’t jaded & really comes across as loving being with you. For those not familar with Victoria she’s an amazon goddess about 5’10” , blonde with a great body. Everything is still in her repertoire: MSOG, asian, bbbjtcimnqbs, greek, russian. And did I say she’s sexy as hell. I could see this girl every week.

06-26-2007, 01:00 AM

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Review VICTORIA JOLIE has arrived. (NNJ Thread)
Is in da house!! and gentleman start your engines. Not to be missed. She will not be through here for a while. she is here tommorow. No shill here, just the real deal.
Dont eat wheaties or take the blue pill. Just stay close to the defibrillator .
5’10” NO HEELS. This girl will turn you inside out. EXTREME GFE to the max.
full report tommorow.
$$$$$ gets the PSE, skip two hags and get one hot one.

03-06-2007, 11:17 PM
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Review Victoria: A Review: Certainly no Secret
Well, some you have recently been subjected to Clave’s Recent Calamity of Irresponsibility, I do know that. They say that when one door closes another opens, which led me to open a new door to see Victoria from Taylor’s Elite Escorts. Not without a struggle – in fact, I almost didn’t make the cut until a certain fitness guru gave me the ‘magic key’, or reference. Allison from Taylor’s is quite strict about this – but fair. Consistent, I suppose, with the current state of things. And, just to note, a difficult decision as great options abounded in the area. But with difficulty I pressed on…

Two call setup, usual fare. I was a bit early and stopped in a nearby restaurant to freshen up in their facilities – worked out that a friend if mine saw me there (I didn’t see him) and called – my cell was on Silent, but he called again to ask what I was doing there….(Hey! I’m seeing Victoria!!…Right…) I said something about, I donno….some fool story.
I get to a very nice suite and Victoria somewhat casually answers, checking my ID and showing me the shower – part of the plan and I do it anyway.

I emerge to see a Brigette Bardot/Pamela Anderson (the class aspects of Pam) vision reclining on the bed. Tall, voluptuous, long, and smooth. 40DD’s on a body some have called Amazonian. A couple of tats on the lower back. We begin to LFK/DFK: Softy, wetly, torridly, the lady loves to kiss. And throughout the entire session she had the most sexy, saucy, erotic smile that I may have ever seen. I just had to stop, and often, to gaze upon that, that visage before continuing to the next level of carnal pleasure. Now, all too often kissing is almost a token action, merely a prelude to activities further south. We’d kiss, I’d nuzzle, stroke her wonderful mounds – implants, but very nice and soft ones – pop back up to kiss some more (repeated a few times), until she really….

2008-04-24 12:13:31

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REV: Victoria Jolie – OMG!

LOCATION: Incall at Downtown PDX hotel overlooking Waterfront Park
DATE: 4/22/08
NAME: Victoria Jolie
AGE: 28
PERSONALITY: Super sweet, like a long time girlfriend
RACE: white
BODY TYPE: pretty damn perfect
WEIGHT: 130 ish
HEIGHT: 5’10
BUST: DD – augmented but done very nicely
WAIST: skinny and tight
HIPS: great for holding, pushing, pulling and rubbing
HAIR: blonde
EYES: brown
FEET: cute
SKIN TONE: very tone : )
TRIMMING: smooth
TATTOOS: small of back
SCARS: none noticed
PIERCINGS: belly button
CLOTHES: awesome little schoolgirl outfit
MOANS OR OTHER SOUNDS?: lots of moans, dirty talk, ect.
MULTIPLE CUPS?: as many as you can do
SMOKES: not that I know of
DRINKS: yes but not around clients
KISSING TECHNIQUE: super horny girlfriend
GREEK: for additional cost
DON’T’s: nothing I can think of
SCREENING PROCESS: email first, references required
PHONE: after screening
RATES: market rate – $$$.5 in PDX
RECOMMEND: As highly as possible
REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) as soon as she is back in town!
While I have not reviewed as many of the girls as I have seen on this site, I have seen a few elite girls out of town before and some of the better ones in town in the past. Some of the old timers may remember my ATF, Brittney in Lake O, also known as Brittney Barella, before she rode off into the sunset. Brittney was my ATF… now however I have a new one. While the screening process was much more stringent that anything locally it did not surprise me as a lot of traveling girls require screening. Set up the appointment and I was both excited and nervous. Day finally came and I called her a few hours early to get the location. I was just about to leave when she called and asked me if I was able to meet her in a different hotel as she was not comfortable at her current one. Fortunately I was able to mix my personal schedule around and I rescheduled for a little later that day at her new location in downtown PDX. Coming from Vancouver I was slightly late due to the traffic which she was more than forgiving about. Previously she had asked if I had any outfit requests and from her website portfolio I was immediately taken by the schoolgirl outfit. She welcomed me in wearing a red version of the exact outfit from the pictures and her blonde hair in pigtails… WOW! Amazing! Her pictures truly do not do her justice! She is way sexier in person. Passed the id test and then she greeted me like a long time lover, amazing full lips and great tongue work right off the bat. We sat for a bit and chatted. The room was spinkled with lit candles and she had positioned a full length mirror next to the bed for the best advantage of views. She is French-Canadian and her accent was extremely sexual. She suggested we get a little more comfortable and we chatted and kissed. It was almost like the first night or amazing sex you have with a girl you have been chasing for a long time. I thought I had experienced a PSE bj before but she went to new heights for me! It was amazing! The mirror placement was perfect as she went to town! I went to stop her as I was getting close and she told me told me that this was just the beginning and to relax as she wanted me to ,and would make sure that I did and I quote, “Fuck the shit out of me long and hard.” Tough to beat that line. Continued on for a bit and finished in her mouth. She cleaned me up with a nice hot wet towel (which I wish more girls would offer btw). We spent some more time talking and kissing until I was ready for the next round. Began with her on top… awesome view and the best muscle control I have experienced. Switched around for a nice long doggie session… I know that some had mentioned that she had no ass pictures on her site… don’t worry, it matches the rest of her, perfect ass! After a while we finished in mish. It was absolutely a great solid 40 minutes of getting the shit fucked out of me! Laid there with her talking some more for a good while before I realized the time. I got cleaned up afterwards, she offered a shower but I had a nice long drive through rush hour I-5 traffic… pissed me off too as it went super easy, I could have stayed longer dammit! Anyway, Victoria was a perfect companion! Not a clock watcher at all! I was more worried about it… she never even brought time up once! Great session… great girl… wonderful time! Thanks again Victoria! See you whenever you come back the NW

2008-04-23 16:40:06


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REV: Victoria Jolie

LOCATION: PDX Airport & Downtown
DATE: 4/22 & 4/23
NAME: Victoria Jolie
INCALL CLEANLINESS: Both nice hotels, downtown nicer
AGE: 29
PERSONALITY: A pro-vivacious, gregarious, sexified
RACE: white
BODY TYPE: toned, fit, athletic
WEIGHT: 140??
HEIGHT: 5′ 10″
BUST: Bountiful
WAIST: small
HIPS: perfect
HAIR: Very blond
EYES: hmmm, dark, couldn’t tell
FEET: has them, don’t care
SKIN TONE: smooth, flawless
CLOTHES: ridiculously hot school girl outfit both times
GLASSES: on the desk
MOANS OR OTHER SOUNDS?: Lots of harder and faster, but mostly in French
MULTIPLE CUPS?: Ah yes-3, hee hee
SMOKES: don’t think so
DRINKS: don’t know
FRENCH: crazy good bbbj, cof, cim, c-anywhere you want
DON’T’s: Are you kidding? Nothing it seems was off limits
SCREENING PROCESS: Most difficult or trying part. Heavy screening, but who can blame her?
PHONE: She gives it last
RATES: $$$$.50
RECOMMEND: Too late, you missed her, she’s gone.
REPEAT: (do you intend to see provider again?) If she ever visits again, or I happen to be traveling, without a doubt.
COMMENTS: The drama and attention that this renowned lady created on this board with her brief visit recently was crazy. My experience with her was very unique I think, not all for the best, but turned out for the best, see below. Having seen her first ad and being a very occasional hobbist, I decided this was an exceptional and limited opportunity. I checked out her website like everyone else and was immediately scared off by her extensive screening process. However, after her smoking pics on the site killed me, I took the jump and submitted to the process, figuring that anyone with some many glowing TER reviews must be legit and more than worth every penny. Her email communication throughout was impressive, as was the calm and professional attitude she displayed while getting hammered by you a-holes on this board. My experiences with local providers has been mixed. No offense to anyone, but I’ve never been completely and totally floored, there’s always something not quite right. With Victoria, that changed. I’m sure I ought to retire from the hobby, since it must all be downhill after her. I’m hoping for a West Coast swing soon again from her though. Anyhow-details…..

We arranged a time to meet up mid-day after I was given the greenlight, a couple phone calls to get the right place, blah blah. I was highly non-original in my request for the infamous school girl outfit, and PSE treatment. She met me behind the door, revealed a very tall, tight, gorgeous bombshell blond, pigtails, outfit, heels, wow. ID checked immediately, then she’s all smiles, nice kiss and onto the room. I must have passed the smell test, as no shower required as listed in other reviews. Within a minute I’m trying to pull off my shoes while she’s swallowing me whole. BBBJ immediately. Clothes shed it was onto everything, literally. SG outfit was gone fast, DATY, rimming (new one for me), doggie, mish, greek-all while moaning in French, finally bbbjcim about half way thru the hr. She’s great and post O. Grabs a towel right away, after a spit, then just lays down on my legs and we chat for a while

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Default Victoria Jolie
I was fortunate enough to see Victoria this round on her visit to Ottawa. I have not had as many posts as the regulars on here, and when I do post, I have complained a few times of the lack of technique that many Sp’s have when it comes to the oral department. I know many guys accept whatever , but I seem to be an afficiato in this dept. For me, oral (both ways) is the most intimate and giving thing that an SP and client can share.

I am happy to say that Victoria needs to be called an Oralist….


Victoria jolie Twas almost 2 weeks before Christmas,
when all through the hotel
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, just the lovely Victoria Jolie was
in her stockings,panties and bra that were put on with care,
In hopes that St. Pistol Pete soon would MAKE LOVE TO HER RIGHT there.

The CERBITES were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of sugar-plums BREASTS danced in their heads.
And VICTORIA in her ?kerchief, and I in my cap…

geo007 on 11-27-2009, 11:31 AM
Member recommendations
Location Rating
Average 98%
Default Absolutely the best

Here’s my story. The facts are the facts like in the Dragnet series years ago: (it will be a bit graphic but she is OK with it)
One year ago while browsing the escorts-canada site, I came across Victoria Jolie’s ad. I checked out her web site at which, at this point, I want you to visit. Her Portfolio albums are among the best you will see on this Earth. A most gorgeous female SP. I eventually enlisted on her mailing distribution list in the off chance I could be free if ever she visited Ottawa again…..


Thumbs up Victoria Jolie a review
Victoria is exactly as advertised.
It’s been a long time since I met such a highly rated provider (see her TER reviews). No false advertising here.
I don’t know what to say except get ready for a ride you won’t forget!
Open to requests and absolutely not shy about showing off her fabulous body and gorgeous tits. All the acronyms and some of the rarer ones are all available. Best BBBJCIM DT bar none!


Default A “Real” Victoria Jolie Review
Hi all,

I noticed that the other Victoria’s review has turned into a bitchfest, I have decided to start a new review about VJ.

I just came back from an excellent encounter with Victoria. The session started off with Victoria wearing a very sexy secretary business suit, and my little bro sprung to life instantly! And the rest was just pure bliss –


Smile Victoria Jolie
Just had an outstanding encounter with Victoria . Beautiful , sexy , warm funny . I thought her pictures were hot but was still amazed . Victoria was wearing a cute Santa’s helper outfit which just cracked me up because Victoria is such a tall lady . The bbbjtc , ride were to die for . Shared a bottle of wine , had nice relaxing chat ….


Default Victoria Jolie
Victoria is a sweetheart and clearly loves what she does. I spent a couple of hours with this tall vixen and I must say she is well worth your time. She is very open when it comes to her services which are in Red Letters on this



Thumbs up review Victoria Jolie!!

Just had another session with Victoria Jolie, and OMG. This lady is quickly becoming an ATF of mine!

Started with a very warm welcome at the door, with her wearing very sexy lingerie and heels, a big hug and some LFK with those very sexy lips she knows how to use so well.

We migrate over to the bed where we chat for a bit, then start with more LFK, moving into DFK. This lady is a fantastic kisser and I could feel the little guy giving an instant …


Victoria Jolie
A wonderful woman, so very very nice! A great WG! ausome DFK, OWO, BLS, CG, 69, K9, FIV, Russian, MSOG! She got me really really hot and had me doing lots of moaning and then almost screeming with my finale!


Thumbs up Miss Victoria Takes Reggie & Me By Storm
Way back on the 19th of Feb I broke the news to PERB that Victoria Jolie would be returning to Saskatchewan early in April according to info on EC. Once she made it official by posting to PERB I ran out and made my reservation. I am addicted to her.

I began my training regime a little over a week before she arrived in Regina. I prepared myself, mind and body for her arrival until I was completely pumped to see her. This included passing on the few well qualified Visitors that came to Reggie in the interim so I could concentrate on VJ. The day before my appointment I was flying, and then I noticed she posted having an availability that night! I couldn’t believe my luck. A few quick PM’s …..


Default Victoria Jolie – REVIEW
I got a little sidetracked the other day and was planning on posting my review of Victoria but just did not get around to it. I promised myself that I would get better at posting timely reviews.

I had been chatting over emails with Victoria since she posted her most recent set of pictures and asked which ones everyone liked best. After I analyzed the new pictures, I realized that I should really see this hot lady. I booked her for an hour and had a specific request for an outfit from her pictures and she went out of her way to make it happen.

Her location is easy to get to with ample free parking and very close to my work. How convenient.

When the elevator door opened, there was a tall, smiling blonde in front of me with legs that went on FOREVER. What a sight! She said hello and gave me a soft kiss and quickly spun on her left foot to lead me back to the elevator and up to her place. She did it with such a grace that I think she must have been a dancer at one time. I followed those legs with no complaint…..


Default Victoria Jolie… The Good, The Bad and the Ugly!
I shared a couple of hours and a couple of bottles of wine last Friday evening with Victoria.
She is a very sweet person with a great sense of humour!
As well, she is truly stunning and an awesome provider.

The Good…
Statuesque and gorgeous!
Exceptional kisser!
Fun to talk to and to be with.
Anticipates your thoughts and desires!
Likes to cuddle!
Sexy French accent!…



So when Victoria Jolie announced her impending tour I decided it was time I re-visited my French heritage. After a few messages were traded, I had a tentative appointment. All that needed to be done to secure it was a reference. I asked a dear friend if she could help out in that regard, which was done in very prompt fashion and for which I was very thankful. The next few days were spent in nervous anticipation. So finally this morning it was time to go for my extended coffee break.

Right on time I knocked on the door, which was opened by this very tall and attractive woman, dressed as she promised…..
Oliver Clozov

Victoria Jolie
I enjoyed a wonderful morning with Victoria Jolie.

When typing her name I remember how she says it with that lovely french accent. I would not describe her as Amazonian since she is not visibly muscular and not overly aggressive.

Victoria does know what she likes and has a self-confidence about her which I appreciate. The willingness to take charge and allow the same from me as well made for a great session…

Thumbs up Review of Victoria Jolie…. ultimate PSE/GFE
Last night I had the wildest erotic dream. I met up with visiting SP Victoria Jolie at her downtown hotel for a two hour tryst. I called her upon arrival as she requested. (I arrived about seven minutes early). She said she wasn’t quite ready yet and she’d call me right back. Ten minutes later, no call. So I called her again and se said that she lost my number. Well she gave me the room number and I was up the stairs faster than the elevator would have taken me. I knocked on the door and it slowly opened. Immediately I noticed the sweet fragrance she had on and before I even laid my eyes on her I said “Gee it smells nice in here”. Then she appeared from behind the door, smiled, and greeted me, extending her arms, wrapping them around me and gave me a warm kiss on the lips…..

Thumbs up
Hey Guys
I got to see Victoria On Thursday and see was absolutly fantastic. Maybe the greatest BBJ/cim I ever had. She loves what she does and it shows.
9.5 out of 10. -.5 for throwing me off the bed. our maybe i should add point….

Thumbs up
Heads up Edmonton don’t miss out on this hot lady . Had a date with Victoria on thursday , my legs are still weak . Went over our scheduled time by quite a bit so Victoria is definitely not a clock watcher . Had to force myself to leave as i was starting to feel guilty . …
Bobo The Rabbit

I read back in December that Victoria would be in Edmonton so I booked her right then, it was easy and fast as she is really organized when it comes to her PMs/emails/voice mail.
I have had a hard time many times booking local girls or visiting girls and they have several people handling bookings where as Victoria does it all on her own.

Went with the first appointment once she arrived into Edmonton and got settled in. I arrived on time at her nice down town hotel and was given her room number. Walked in and was greeted by one of the most beautiful women I have seen anywhere. …

After exchanging some pm’s I was able to set up an appointment for sunday evening. Went to her hotel , called and was given the room # . Knocked on the door , knocked on the door , went in and there she was
We sat on the bed and kissed for awhile with me exploring her amazing , amazing body before losing our clothes. Started with BBBJTC . We talked for awhile and she was very easy to talk to , we then kissed ….

Thumbs up -WOW!
Thought I would share a quick review of Victoria Jolie.
This is a first review/post for me but here are a few details.

I set up a 2hr appt about a week in advance. As I am new to this, I had to give my personal info for her to complete a check, which I completely understood! I promise you she is very discreet with all info you give her. Anyways, as requested, I called her when I reached the location and she gave me her room number. When she opened the door, I almost fell over…..she is absolutely gorgeous! As I requested, she was wearing her “school-girl” outfit!….

Victoria is a sweetheart and clearly loves what she does. I spent a couple of hours with this tall vixen and I must say I truly did enjoy myself…..

Thumbs up
I booked a two hour appointment with Victoria and let me tell you she was fabulous.
Upon entering her room she eagerly invited me to the bed where she began DFK. Now if there is one thing I absolutely love it is kissing a woman with big, full lips and……
Fuzzy Thumper

Ms. Victoria Jolie
So, it would appear that my infatuation with her photographs earned me a pseudo-invitation to see Ms. Jolie. I say “pseudo” because it was more like conceding to the hourly barrage of begging emails I sent her. And it came with the condition that I provide a reference.


Ok, so who do I know that is mischievous enough to want to play a cruel practical joke on one of her fellow companions? Hmmmm… whoodeedoo indeed?

So, somehow I weasel my way in, and when I arrive to see Ms. Jolie… wow. Just wow. In a cruel trick of her own, she’s even decided to wear the outfit in the pictures (the smooth, skintight red velour thing… complete with the undergarments and boots). And damn, fellas… damn damn damn.

So, we’ve barely said “hello” and I’m all squirrelly, wanting to rub up against her right away. Ms. Jolie pulls me to her at the edge of the bed, wraps her arms and boot covered legs around me, and tries to calm me by firmly drawing me to her spectacular bosom….

All I can say is, she is good. The way she serves you, wow!!

Wow I do miss her, I saw her when I was working in Alberta for awhile. Great girl very beautiful. And a class act….
Fuzzy Thumper

Ms. Victoria Jolie: the Warning…
So I’m knocking furiously at the hotel room door, fully expecting to get the special “tabernacle” greeting that most of La Belle Province’s finest have for me (I must remind them of a famous Montreal parishioner or something…). It doesn’t happen that way, though… Ms. Jolie answers the door and looks amused (maybe even not repulsed???) to see me. Huh.

And speaking of looks, this tall, curvy, pig-tailed blonde fantasy is sporting frilly blue and white delicates, complete with garter, stockings, and killer pumps. She says it’s her “little girl” outfit….

Sweet Victoria Jolie…
I had the privilege to meet Victoria Jolie tonight. What a classy, gorgeous lady, so very stunning to look at, plus a great conversationalist.


05-19-2008, 08:28 PM

Just got back from seeing this lady……_jolie_038.jpg

i am too tired to post a full review right now… lol… She is a gem, a big lady with the personality to match… 5’9″ all curves and muscle…

05-31-2008, 03:09 PM #1

Thumbs up Victoria Jolie
Just returned from seeing Victoria, and all I can say is “holy f**k. This girl is a sexual dynamo.  She is visiting here for a while, so I thought I better post my comments in case anyone was hesitating about seeing her…..


Thumbs up Victoria Jolie is AMAZING!
Booked an appointment for today to see the beautiful Victoria Jolie after reading many good reviews on her…Setting up the appoinment and checking in was as easy as can be. She is a stunning girl, nice body, great tits, and the personality you wish you could have with….

Victoria Jolie Review
I feel it is my duty to share my experience (in quick form) with Victoria Jolie. I’ve seen reviews on other boards but few here. I just got back from seeing her and I can say wow what a lady. Not only is she hot but she has a great body and has an extensive menu….


Amazing time with Victoria Jolie
I just got back from having an amazing 2 hours with Victoria Jolie. Anyone in the Niagara area who was contemplating seeing her, i would recommend doing it. The price may be a bit more than you are used to spending, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself to fillet mignon instead of having minute steak all the time. You have until late Saturday night to see her.
The confirmation process is easy to do, a 2 call system….

VICTORIA JOLIE – – booked her for 2 hours on her last stop in Toronto — will book her longer next time if possible — there is NOTHING that can be said bad about this experience – she’s as hot as they come – she’s as open minded as they come and at ease with what she does and who she is – she was well spoken and funny – EVERYTHING about her just oozed sex – not sure if she was going to be the “fake” porno type of gal but we totally “clicked” and she’s defintely an all time great. Repeat? As soon as she visits again. Cannot reccommend enough – well worth every penny.


Victoria Jolie a Review
Victoria Jolie

I went into this rendezvous with high expectations. For one she has a great website with tons of really well done photography. She has some phenomenal and explicit positive reviews on TERB and a ton of other boards. Plus her price is a little steeper than the local all star talent.

High expectations can be extremely tough in this business and Victoria you really blew me away….


I recently saw Victoria in Niagara Falls and was treated to the monster fuck of all time. Kickass PSE. Just incredible. Easily one of the best sessions I’ve ever, ever had.

I didn’t have much difficulty booking, no ‘interview’….



Victoria ind
I had the pleasure to meet Victoria Jolie yesterday
She was great and offered real GFE.
her DFK was the best….really good…

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