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You're visiting Montreal? How much time do you have? A day? A weekend? I grew up here and offer to be your personal VIP concierge during your visit.

Montreal is constantly evolving and it's often been described as a vibrant cosmopolitan.  It must be that joie de vivre, warm attitude that French Canadians show. It is distinctly different from North American cities retaining much of the "Old World" charm and glory. The architecture reflects this so does the philosophical approach of native Montrealers. You might have heard of the city's gourmet reputation? Chef who train here from all over the world have ultimately settle in Montreal to tease the "fine bouche". Share your tastes with me and then let me reserve you an exceptional place for dinner.

When it comes to winter, Montréal is also..well charming.If you don't mind particularly thrive in cold weather, stay away until late april. Winter has a way of clinging tenaciously in Montreal, and that's the bad news for sunlovers. The good news is that the warm hearts of Montrealers more than make up for the province's unkind brutal weather. However, during the holiday our city lights up and find its charm. Ice sculptures and ice skating in St-Helene island will warn you up. And when the warm weather sets in, Montreal wakes up! The streets come alive with noise; tourists feel and experience the gaiety in the air, stimulating both physical and mental appetites.

Montreal is for everyone. It welcome all kinds of temperaments and cultures. If you like to be around people, rub elbows with fellow tourists, natives and members of the ethnic communities, Montreal won't fail you.The city plays host more than 40 festivals each year for which i will be glad to accommodate and accompany you to your favourite festival or show. If you love jazz Montreal is the place to be during July for the Montreal Jazz Festival; if humour is your cup of tea, comedy clubs have their door wide open. Are you a crowd avoider and would rather spend solo time in my company...then there is always museums to retrieve part of Montreal that only local like me know.

Don't forget Old Montreal. If you're short on time, ride a horse-drawn carriage. Visit Place Jacques Cartier where public performers-jugglers, singers, dancers, artists painters and merchants greet visitors warmly. You can dance in the open air to the tune of salsa or the latest rap music. Just linger and listen to violins and guitars that play old French favourites and you will relax in your vacation's escape. It’s that kind of city, you see. Let me book you a hotel that will fit your needs.

Last, but not the least....All extreme sports events that Montreal host welcomes all sports enthusiasts. If you are a fan of boxing, UFC fights, or want to see your favourites race such as Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix, it's there for you in Montreal. Just let me get you the tickets and keep you company....Of course during our journey we will have time to spend privately. The minimum prefer time spent together during your stay; depending on the activities chosen is 6hours start at $1,800 and depend on the request, up to $15,000 for the week. Please inquire for a quote via email with your preference of activities (do not write anything explicit). It will be my pleasure to be your private VIP Concierge for 6hours, 10hours, a weekend, or a week. The experience of visiting Montreal wouldn't be the same without me. Consideration for dinner date is $1,300 for a short tryst of 2hrs $950 if I am in Montreal during time requested.

Please take a look at the Montreal calendar you find below...Reservations must be done at least a month in advance. Old fees apply for friends met previously. Calendar
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