20 questions

1. Where do you Visit?

I regularly travel to cities in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and France. The best way to find me is by viewing my calendar, signing up for my mailing list, or following me on Twitter. I can fly to you with sufficient notice.

2. What is your Cancellation and No-Show Policy?

Time is a valuable commodity these days, and while I understand that things can happen, I have a strict cancellation policy: 24 hours notice before a 1-hour appointment; 48 hours for any appointment over 1 hour. If you are unable to cancel in time, there is a 40% charge for a 1-hour appointment, and 65% over 1 hour respectfully.

3. Your Website and Ads have Two Different Fee Structures. What is the Difference?

One is GFE while the other includes a visit to the Greek Islands; this includes light, sensual domination and/or soft fetish play & role play. Keep in mind that for either, the main event is safe.

4. I Noticed that a Few of your Reviews Mention that you Travel with a Dog. Is this True?

Yes. My adorable little Mimo and I have been life and travel companions for 9+ years. She is a very well behaved and hypoallergenic small dog who will not be in our way. If this will be an issue, I apologize for the inconvenience, and it may be best that you do not book with me.

5. I don’t Feel Comfortable Providing the Verification Information. Will you Still See Me?

Sorry, but Ted Bundy; Law & Order SVU; and many Netflix documentaries have convinced me that this is the safest way to go. You are a discreet professional, as am I, therefore any information you share will be handled with the utmost care and privacy. Pinky promise!

6. What Forms of Payment do you Accept?

Deposit and cancellation fees can be sent via Bitcoin, prepaid Visa, Mastercard, or American Express gift card (receipt required) cash app The balance of the fee is cash in advance notice cash app or bitcoin

7. What is your Protocol for a First Time Rendez-Vous?

After screening/verification is complete, and a date/time has been scheduled, we will confirm via text (unless you prefer a phone call). Then, you will receive my exact location. After you arrive, please place my Honorarium in full sight in the bathroom or on the dresser. To create a relaxing atmosphere and memorable experience be courteous and polite. Verbal and/or physical abuse will not be tolerated.

8. Do you have any Turn Offs?

Aside from discussing politics, religion, or the weather? Yes! Those include arrogance, bad attitudes, or boundary crossing. DON’TS: pull my hair, choke me, restrain me, or spit on my face. I am not submissive. Our rendez-vous will be terminated on the spot should any of the above not be respected.

9. So …No BBFS?

No. If you push this subject beyond comfortability, our rendez-vous will be terminated immediately.
NO all natural.
NO STD test paper.
NO allergies.
DON’T tell me you have been celibate, a virgin, or selective with your partners.
NO Exceptions. Rendez-vous will be terminated ASAP!

10. You don’t have a Big Portfolio of Pictures. Why?

I am always planning new photoshoots and upload those as soon as they are available. Also feel free to visit my Twitter for candid snapshots. All my pictures are verified to be 100% me.

11. Can you Send Me Private Pictures?

No. Please note that there are plenty on my portfolio as well as candid snapshots on my Twitter. *Paid subscription for private pictures coming soon!

12. Do you Discriminate?

Never! I see all ages, cultures, colors, religions, and mental or physical handicaps.
**Please notify me in advance so I can properly accommodate your specific handicap.

13. Do you have Reviews?

Sure do! You can find those on my Reviews page. Please note that writing a review isn’t mandatory, but it is greatly appreciated.

14. What are your Stats?

I am in my late 30’s with a shapely 36E-29-36 hourglass figure. Described as svelte, perky, and statuesque …I have even been compared to a young Zsa Zsa Gábor …accent and all

15. Favorite Foods and/or Drinks?

NO CHOCOLATE please unless the gift is intended for my mom. I adore charcuterie boards and various cheeses. I’m mentally allergic to chocolate. I enjoy wine, water, smoothies, and hot teas.

16. Do you Cater to see Women Clients?

I see men & couples only.

17. Can I Make a Wardrobe Request?

Yes, if it’s from any of my pictures. Please keep in mind that I travel; therefore, I won’t always have a full closet. You are welcome to buy and bring (this applies for toys, too).

18. Can I Shower at your Incall?

Only if you like dirty wet towels and tiny slivers of soap. I am kidding. C’mon, of course I cater to whoever visits me. I want to provide you with the best experience. I have clean towels along with hypoallergic soap, too. Help yourself to any of the amenities available.

19. Your Bio States that you are French with Some Ukrainian Heritage. Do you Speak Ukrainian or Russian?

I was born and raised in Montreal, Canada and fluently speak French (Oui Oui) and English. I also understand and can communicate basic Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.  No I don’t

20. You did it! You made it to the end!

Most don’t make it past 3, but you made it to 20! You should be proud – give yourself a pat on the bottom …or save that for me