A gift is never required but always appreciated. The most appreciated gifts is to see you coming back for another Rendez-Vous! Repeat patronage is the most rewarding.
Here are some ideas that would please me
White roses, perfumes, a gift certificate, spa certificate

Frederics - Victoria's Secret - BCBG - Swarovski

I love to read history, psychology, sociology

Golf (I'am a lefty, taking lesson at this time), Snowbarding accessories

No Chocolate...Cheese please...I am a cheese lover
Red wines, champagne, Absolute Martini and Metaxa
*note that I take cocktails on multiple hours meeting only

Water always welcome

The gift to impress
Boutique "La petite coquette" in NYC (LeJaby, Aubabe/Chantelle)

Agent Provocateur

From accessories to handbags ... shoes or clothing
Dorothy's red shoes in the Wizard of OZ...
It would be so efficient to travel.
Victoria Jolie 2021
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