Pot de Vin


A gift is never required, but always appreciated. The most appreciated gift is to see you coming back for another Rendez-Vous! Repeat patronage is the most rewarding.
Here are some ideas that would please me
White Roses
Cricker gift card
Verizon gift card
Southwest gift card
Delta gift card
Hotels.com gift card
Apple gift card
Amazon gift card
Uber/Lyft gift card
RealReal gift card
Cosmetics: (botox, fillers, lips)
Ethosspa.com is one in NJ, but I'm open to one in a city that I tour.
Golf (I'm a lefty. I am taking lessons at this time)
Snowboarding accessories
Coco Chanel, Light Blue Dolce and Gabbana, or Bulgarie.
I like fresh floral perfumes. I do not like anything too strong or musky.
No chocolates unless you want to bring a gift for my Mom. I'm allergic to chocolates.
Cheeses please...I am a cheese lover.
If you haven't tried, you should try
I love infused water and tea.
I enjoy wine, especially red wine. Some favorites are:
Malbec and Shiraz (However, I do melt with Chianti).
As for white wine, my favorites are New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc or Alsace wines. Rarely, I enjoy Dirty Martinis; Cognac; Metaxas, or Tequila with Sangrita....But it's rare unless you wish for my other personas to come out (lol).
The gift to impress:
Accessories, Handbags, Shoes, or Clothing:
Dorothy's red shoes in the Wizard of OZ...
It would be so efficient to travel.
Victoria Jolie 2022
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