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frequent questions

First I want to congratulate you for making it to this page.😉
Where are you located?
Well, I frequently travel cities in USA, Canada, UK as well as France. My home base is Lalaland & I don’t work there wink – wink. Visiting the calendar on my website, registering to my mailing list as well as my Twitter is usually the best way to find out where I am and where I’m off to next. I’m available to fly to you with enough notice.
What is your cancellation & No Show policy?
I require 24hrs notice before a 1hr appointment & 48hrs for any appointment of 2hrs +. If failling to comply 40% of 24hrs notice and 65% for 48hrs. While I understand that things can happen…I can no longer accept the simple “I’m sorry”. Communication is the key as well, as understanding that my time is as valuable as anyone’s – Shocker hey ;). When you book – You are blocking that specific time & length and prevent another suitor to book that specific time. Booking flights/hotels/transportation require planning and is costly
You don’t have a big portfolio of pictures..Why?
My last website was hacked & deleted. I guess my site was kidnaped & I didn’t pay the randsome of 4k hence the result. Also I was a readhead(maybe ginger was too spicy for folks so I went back to blonde) then I felt that it was pointless to post pictures of me as a redhead since my hair color has changed. I’m working to get an other photoshoot in the near future. Meanwhile you can visit my twitter for candid photos. All my pictures are 100% me and I have been verified by many websites that I advertise on.
What is your protocol for a first Rendez-vous?
After verification/screening is complete, I do require to confirm via text. Alternatively a phone call – which ever is the preference to receive my exact location. Please put my honorarium (consideration/fees) upon arrival on full sight in my bathroom or on dresser. Be courteous and polite. Verbal or physical abuse is not tolerated (yup not good at role pay that way) In order to create the best atmosphere and memorable experience remember that a first impression is a lasting one.
What form of payment do you accept?
Only cash .For deposit/cancellation fees I can accept bitcoin or prepaid visa mastercard or amex gift card with receipt.
Do you have turn off?
No specific button pressed on my body turns it off, however Yes I do! Arrogance, bad attitudes, boundary crossing as well as the one asking for unsafe practices are huge turn off and most likely our rendez vous will be terminated on the spot.
I’m someone important & have a high profile, I have a life and want to be discreet but don’t feel comfortable providing the info for verification..Would you still see me?
Are we not all important with a life?Nemo sure think he has his own world lol. If you feel like one human being is better than other because on how the society views them – The answer is no…As you, I have life too & need to be discreet as well safe…I mean have you ever watched The Ted Bundy documentary? I have met several high profile people that didn’t hesitate to be screened for my safety knowing that, as a professional I remain discreet & the information shared remains between us. Someone with good intentions and great behavior should not worry when interacting with a professional.
I notice that your site & ads have 2 different structures of fees…What is the difference?
Well one is GFE & the other one also offers the visit of the greek islands & light sensual domination and / or some soft fetish play. Keep in mind that for either at the main event both are safe. NO all natural. NO exceptions -No STD test paper, No allergies. Rendez-vous will be terminated ASAP! Don’t tell me you have been celebate or virgin or selective with your partners. Again its a big NO. There are some ladies out there that consent to participate in these – I am not one of them at any circumstance. Don’t try to play the cards of indecent proposal movie lol
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